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awaited and significant endorsement. coming up a substantial win last night. mitt romney says he is almost there. but it it was a gap by a top romney adviser that caught the other candidates attention. >> by 12 points mitt romney took at least 41 out of illinois 54 nomination delegates an assumed the role of presumptive nominee stopping in maryland. thank you for watching here. >> they're now progress. they've won the governor endorsement and freedom works the conservative work that works closely with a tea party is now committed to help romney beat the president. but they've got new am knew in addition who was asked if romney's been pushed too far to the right for the general election and said "i think you hit a reset button the ball campaign everything changes it's almost like he had your sketch. you can change it out and restart all over again. santorum tweeted a photo of himself "studying romney's policy and clammed him as untrustworthiness, you're looking for an adult, mature, that's what you're looking for. >> stay true -- you're looking for someone to stay true to what they said. >>
of the delegates needed to grab nomination and most states have declared winners. we start with mitt romney had his campaign headquarters in massachusetts addressing the crowd after tap -- as people cheer his name and supporters are lined up behind him. let's take a moment to listen in. >> with strong leadership with the president -- that our greatest days as a nation are ahead of us. thanks to the american people. tonight we've taken one more step. tomorrow we wake up we start again. the next day we'll do the same. day by day, step by step. door by door. heart to heart. the good days or the bad days. always lodge hours. never enough time to get everything done. but on november 6, we're going to stand united. not having one election but having saved the future. >> speaking supporters there in boston massachusetts looking ahead to the general electives now to give you a live picture at what's happening with rick santorum. this is what's happening in ohio tonight. we're looking at headquarters here where supporters have gathered. this is a star contrast to a picture we showed you a minute ago. and to
. >>> mitt romney is in the bay area right now. the importance of the california gop now. good evening. it's monday march 26. this is bay area news at 7:00. republican front runner mitt romney brings his campaign to the bay area. it's our top story at 7:00. we're live in redwood city. romney is laying ground work ahead of california's primary in june. >> reporter: it's ability getting votes but about -- it's about getting votes but also about getting cash. here at this hotel, it's $1000 a plate reception. front runner, mitt romney arrived to clears from a waiting crowd. >> we don't want to have the 1% come in and take from our county to use it against us. >> reporter: people outside held signs against romney. people inside signed checks to him. >> there are a lot of billionaires that will max out contributions. >> reporter: he's likely to fair better here than other republicans and conservative republicans he visited earlier today. tickets to the redwood city event start at $1000 and go up to 25,000. >> he's here to raise money. he obviously doesn't expect to win california in the general
with the edge. >> reporter: on the eve of super tuesday, romney has the double digit lead in the polls in ohio where he gives business experience over his rivals. >> they've read about the economy, talked about it in meetings. i've been in it. i've worked in business. >> reporter: he is up a dozen points over santorum. romney has the edge in ohio polls too. romney is running strongest in north and central ohio around cleveland and columbus. he has big leads in mass marks vermont, virginia, idaho. in aid air, santorum is strongest near indiana and kentucky borders and southeast near his home state of pennsylvania. he's ineligible for 18 because of filing problems. he's running strong in tennessee and heavily favored in oklahoma and slams romney as someone that pretends to be conservative. >> one of the biggest things in this campaign is trust. >> reporter: begin grith has ignored ohio to focus on georgia. he hopes to force himself back to headlines and contention. >> i will challenge the other contestants to join me in mississippi or alabama for a debate next week. i don't think romney can hid
romney who grabbed the most delegates yesterday. both appeared upbeat today as they hit the campaign trail once again. >> rick santorum's deep south wind in alabama and mississippi are a big jolt of momentum that newt gingrich should bow out of the race leaving santorum to the alternative. >> you're being out spanned and everybody is talking about all the map and all the other things that this race is inevitable. >> well, for someone who thinks this race is inevitable, he spent a whole lot of money against me for being inevitable. >> reporter: romney yet to win over the party's most conservative core nationally. he came in third in alabama and mississippi. romney did win the caucuses and hawaii and american so moe what. when i become the nominee, when i face barack obama. he -- he's a nice guy he does not understand how the economy works. >> gingrich called winning alabama and mississippi critical to his candidacy but came in second. despite pressure for him to get out of the way. he's threatening to go all the way to the convention if that's what it takes from romney from winning. >
. santorum told the child that he was true conservative. he confirmed to emphasis mitt romney suggesting that he would move to the center if he wins the nomination. >> the flap that he was going to run as a conservative in the fall. i'm not going to run as a conservative in the fall, i am a conservative, period. >> as to the location, jelly beans were a favorite candy of the late president ronald reagan. company's owner is out spoken supporter of conservative -- picked op key endorsement today that may help push him over the top. we'll have that story for you in 14 minutes. an air force pilot died yesterday when his fighter jet went down in southwest ahawaii the air force provided this picture of 31-year-old captain francis and his little boy. he was a native of -- he was based at mountain home air force base in idaho which provides air support to operation enduring freedom. he was piloting an f15 jet near an air base when it crashed and another crew member was injured. a pennsylvania man was trying to -- charged to bring explosives to u.s. airways flight headed to san francisco. 29-year
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took shots at romney saying the governor is a moderate and he would vote for the other g.o.p. candidates before he would vote for romney. ohio has 66 delegates at stake that is second to georgia. [music] romney was campaigning in washington state. he targeted president barack obama. there are 43 delegates up for grabs tomorrow in washington. >>> a march to sacramento. the faculty members joined the ralliy this afternoon. students are -- rally this afternoon. students are calling for lower tuition and more full time fact faculty. >>> education cuts stopped classes right in the middle of a semester. which students are effected the most? >> reporter: she says she could not believe it when she came to her computer class at san francisco city college and her teacher announced that chance was canceled a month into the semester. >> it hurt me because i want to get ready for a good job and the job mark set bad. >> reporter: that computer khratsdz is one of 70 classes they discontinued. usually they make the cuts before a semester not during. >> a cut of this size in the middle
live in san francisco, noel walker ktvu channel 2 news. >>> on the campaign trail, mitt romney used the second anniversary of the passage of the health care reform act to criticize barack obama. >> i see it as one more example of a president pursuing his attack on economic and personal liberty. >> romney campaigned today in louisiana set to hold the primary tomorrow. it posted a video today promoting the health care laws benefits. >>> dozens of people lined up this morning on the second day of a clinic at the coliseum. the organization remote area medical is providing dental care and eye care. clinics like this one are badly needed. the free clinic runs through sunday and tickets are handed out starting at three time time 30 a.m. doors open at 5:30. the services are available on a first come first -- three time time 30 a.m. doors open at 5:30. the services are available at first come first serve. >>> the state department development department says the state's jobless rate in february was 10.9%. more than 2 million californians are out of work. cal cal had had a net gain of 4,000 19
the polls are now closed. 54 delegates are at steak and mitt romney declared winner is going home with the majority of them. elizabeth is watching the results. >> another tuesday, another must win contest. former massachusetts government claims victory in illinois. >> elections are by choices, hundreds of thousands of people in illinois have joined millions of people across the country have joined our cause. >> romney is not leaving illinois with the entire cause. he'll have to share proportion natalie with competition. the former senator offered to spend primary day in pennsylvania. he's focusing his attention where he's done best, the conservative south. hi's channeling all his campaign resources into louisiana and taking on his toughest competition there. >> he lost a senator in pennsylvania by the largest margin in the history of the state and he's getting re- elects. is that really the background to try to take on barack obama. >> still lagging in the delegate, but still vowing to stay in the race with a republican convention still 5 months away, this race has a long ways to
extremists. >>> after the race to the white house, develop candidates gear up in southern states. romney intent the day in mobile, alabama. the former massachusetts governor told voters he hopes to open his present tomorrow with a win in that state. >> in mississippi, candidates spoke in belucks say today blasting president barack obama's energy policy. santorum says this will put pressure on the gingrich campaign to take on romney one on one for the republican bid. voters head to the polls in alabama and mississippi tomorrow. >>> public trance it agencies are seeing an increase in riding. the transportation association says most cities are seeing an increase in use of subways, trains and buses. san francisco saw an increase last year. the increase is a result of high gas prices and more people getting back to work. >>> a check no longer in the mail for the project. the money is now here as are the concrete preparations for the first link from fremont to san jose. >> reporter: it was a decade in the making. today federal, state, local officials celebrated the $900 million from the federa
african decent. >>> front runner romney took aim at president barack obama while campaigning in illinois today. >> he's made it harder for this economy to recover. obama character failed stimulus, deficits -- >> he spoke in springfield today and accused president barack obama of stifling economic freedom and pushed for delegation. >> i predict if we're able to do what most believe is impossible which is carry the state of illinois, that will fundmently change this election like no other contest to date. >> tonight rival rick santorum rivaled supporters in louisiana that holds it's primary saturday. earlier today, he spoke in illinois at the home of ronald reagan. he stood in front of the statue of the president and said he's the candidate most faithful to reagan's ideas for appeals. >>> this challenges the wording of the pension ballot measure. >> the ballot is drafted by the city of san jose, neither neutral, unbiased or fair. >> the lawsuit claims the city's june ballot measure misrepresents the issue and uses emotionally charged language such as abuses and services that could mislead
dates up for grab. fresh off 6th victory yesterday's contest. front romney spent this day in this. his staff said it is all but importance for him to win enough states to take the nomination out right. he said he would take an act of god. >> rather get him fired back with the campaigning in kansas today. >> to true to bully your way through this race. the government thinks, you know, he's now ordained by god to win, then let's let them have it out. >> durham also distant himselfs by one of his reporters. adviser red white and blue fun urged newt gingrich to from the race. they hit close for as long as they feel they stay in the race. they said he's not quitting and that the focus is on campaign. federal government today released $100 million in grant money from the foreign exchange. michael honda's helped pay 250 the department of transportation will provide that money to transportation authority in the next 3 days. president obama budget plan calls for $150 million in the next fifth year. beginning in october. that's for the extension project is set forth next month. friends are calli
. how late -- mitt romney hopes to keep that no tentum straight through super tuesday. it's the biggest so far for the frontrunner. the reason i won yesterday in michigan and arizona is because i'm talking about the issue people care most about and because i understand that issue personally. >> what does intense stakes make -- states make their choice next tuesday. a must win in the general election. the second place win in michigan chose his strength. >> heading here to tennessee and we're doing to be taking it all across the super tuesday state. ron paul is taking a break today. hopes for a win in his home state of georgia as well as others super tuesday contacts. georgia is the biggest state in delegates on super tuesday. we have a real chance here the only stop before super tuesday, the washington state caucuses this saturday. in washington doug, fox news. >> the u.s. south approved controversial bill that some california democrats are calling a water grab. state water law and reduce the amount of water available for fish and wild life. it will reserve water to farms in the central
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